9 Simple Fixes for Smelly Feet

Foot odor or smelly feet, technically called bromhidrosis, may be honestly embarrassing for those tormented by this trouble.

This generally happens while your feet sweat and the sweat does not evaporate due to the fact you are sporting footwear or socks. Bacteria evidently gift on your pores and skin grow as they feed on the sweat and useless skin cells, generating the foul scent.

Many natural treatments are worth trying to get rid of annoying foot odor. You’ll want to follow them religiously for a sure time period to get good consequences. Most are able to clear up the trouble inside per week or so.

For instance, you could follow talcum powder in your ft to get rid of foot scent. Talcum powder facilitates ruin bacteria and does away with the scent.

In case you don’t have talcum powder, you may use a great antiperspirant in your ft to hold them dry for a longer time period. There are many different smooth and easy home treatments for foot smell.


Give smelly feet the underarm treatment:

It shouldn’t come as a wonder that the identical antiperspirant you use to your underarms can also preserve feet much less sweaty (and consequently much less smelly). Simply spray or roll it on before putting on your shoes and socks.


Make sure exact hygiene

Removing foot scent may be as easy as following a daily foot hygiene habitual. This will consist of washing your feet with an antibacterial soap.

It’s critical to clean your ft every day and dry them thoroughly, especially among theft. When you dry your feet with a towel after a bath or tub, dab between your toes with cotton wool dipped in witch hazel or apple cider vinegar. Sweaty feet may be handled with an antibacterial foot scrub, but avoid the usage of a scrubs if you have broken skin or eczema.

Preserve your toenails trimmed and clean, which also helps prevent toenail fungus. Gently get rid of any hard pores and skin with a root document. When tough, skin can turn out to be soggy from the dampness, which affords a great domestic for bacteria.


Use antiperspirant

The equal kind of antiperspirant you practice below your hands may also be used on your feet. Just make sure to get a separate stick for every region. Apply it to clean, dry toes at night, then placed your socks and shoes on as typical within the morning.[1] it’s going to help hold your feet dry and clean in the course of the day.

Antiperspirant honestly reacts with the electrolytes in sweat to shape “gel plugs” that block off your sweat ducts. Due to the fact that each certainly one of your ft has over 250,000 sweat glands[2] (more sweat glands in keeping with inch than another a part of your body) a bit antiperspirant can cross an extended way.

Do not follow it right earlier than going out, or you’ll be slipping and sliding on your shoes.



Rotation is the huge sensation, baby! Do not use the same footwear twice for as many days. This offers the lately-worn footwear time to dry out, prepared for next use. Also, it helps to have real ventilation to permit your toes to “breathe”, therefore no longer requiring the foot to sweat so much. The superior fabric for that is leather, that is far higher than some other presently.


Alum powder

A bacteria killer in an antiseptic powder, although alum is better acknowledged with shaving. This remedy is going immediately in for the kill, tackling the core trouble – the microorganism. Sprinkle some on your toes, the soles, the ankles, and in between the feet. “but it’s far recommended to use it each other day instead of each day,” suggests wild turmeric.


Strive a black tea footbath:

Boil two tea bags in cups of water for 15 mins. Dispose of the bags and dilute the tea with two quarts of water. Permit the aggregate cool down if vital, then soak your feet for 30 minutes. Repeat day by day. The tannic acid in robust black tea kills microorganism and closes pores to help your ft sweat less.



Every other option this is utilized at sometimes is the injection of botulinum toxin or botox. This medicinal drug is injected into the toes by way of a way known as plantar injections.

But, those injections can be in particular painful. The consequences normally remaining someplace among three-four months, and a person will require subsequent remedies.


Vinegar Soak

This will surely make you the horrific scent conqueror. Harmless on the battlefield this is your ft, the enemy could be destroyed by way of this recipe, as defined via Mr. Avocado himself, David Wolfe: “blend 1/2 a cup of vinegar with eight cups of hot water. Permit it cool until its secure and then soak your feet in the mixture for approximately 15 mins. Then, rinse your ft. In case you’d like to do away with the vinegar odor, simply wash your toes with a few natural cleaning soap.”


Caution: maximum likely you do not have any disorder and you have to just pay greater attention to your toes hygiene. Remember that cautious hygiene, simple powder and proper care about shoes can help or even save you a whole lot of unpleasant conditions together with stinky toes.

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