15 Inspirational Ways for a Comfortable and Cozy Home

Cast aromas of uniqueness, charm and originality to your home with a few magical touches !

Our home is a unique place. It’s here that we escape to our world where we can enjoy some privacy, familiarity and cosiness. In fact, most people generally spend half or one third of their time at home. There’s no problem at all if home is clean and tidy but that isn’t enough, though. People like to experience change of new airs, styles and layouts. So as to kill that gloomy sense of boredom, they need to reshape, reorganise and even modify the smallest features of decor.This has an amazing effect on their moods without even realising it. It fosters the feelings of creativity, newness and renovation. It’s literally like a blood transfusion operation. Moreover, system, harmony and creation within your home highly suggests symmetry in your entire life.

Here are some useful design hacks that will help you transform your home with a minimum of effort.

1. Get the visitor impressed at the front door

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A visitor gets the first impression about your house at the front door. Its appearance is just as essential for private homes as it is for rented apartments. If you want to decorate your door, try to add an element of your own personal styles to it. There are many ideas you can use here: paint it a new attractive color of your choice, use a new material, add an attractive number, door handle or a flower pot alongside. You could even put up a welcome sign with a wreath of lovely flowers.

2. Bottles make something out of nothing

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If you have any attractive or unusual bottles originally used for wine or any other kind of drink, don’t throw them away. You can put them to many different uses at home: as vases, for example. Moreover, bottles like this can easily be decorated with beads or a bright pattern and used as an element of celebratory decorations. It can be used as a pencil holder, a flower container, snowflake ornaments or even plant pots. You can make hilarious shapes with them to entertain your guests and children.

3. Use new objects get multiple themes

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This could involve the use of any object you can imagine: stones, pine cones, wooden figurines, fruit in baskets. It’s better if the object in question has a rich color to it. You can place it/them in a vase or a bowl, and put it in a prominent position in the room. Your goal here is to place an emphasis on some aspect of the room or decor. If you’re going to use a container, it’ll be best if it’s transparent and simple in shape. This will create an eye-pleasing and heart-warming landscape that will cheer the room up with joy and delight.

4. Flowers make happiness bloom within

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Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. Therefore, they have the biggest effect if they’re positioned in various corners of your home (on small tables, window sills, chests of drawers) and not grouped together in one place. If you end up with several bouquets of different colors after a celebration, you can divide them up into matching sets. The random placing of flowers at home will give you the feeling that they’re always present in your home — not just around celebrations. It’s also highly recommended that you vary the colours to match beautifully with your wall background.

5. The walls mirror your unique personality

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This idea can delight children as much as adults. Empty walls express nothing, whereas photographs, paintings, or unusual ornaments bought on vacation can give your home a dynamic quality, evoke emotion, and change your mood for the better. Give your imagination a little room to breathe, and you’ll find the perfect way to brighten up your walls.

6. Be flexible when you organise your furniture

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A lot of people stick to the rules here, setting out all their furniture at right angles with the sides against the walls. But you can approach this issue with more flexibility. Changing the layout of the furniture to something more original is a simple way to transform a room.

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